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John’s Take on the Issues


We can and must do a better job of ensuring ALL Americans get the care they need. I support universal healthcare, but the focus on healthcare has been almost exclusively on insurance, and this is only one piece of the complicated healthcare puzzle.


We have the tools to achieve energy independence, lower the costs of goods and transportation, and clean our air and water in the face of climate change.


Immigrants are valuable contributors to our economy and society, and they are human beings deserving of respect and dignity. They contribute in a variety of ways, so we can help ourselves by making legal immigration easier for promising candidates.


Taxes not only fund a functioning government, they fund a variety of public services that benefit all Americans. Over many decades, our tax system has grown nightmarishly complicated, unnecessarily bloated, confusingly inconsistent, and simply unfair. It’s a frustrating headache for everyone. True tax reform, not just tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy, is essential to make the tax code more fair and easier to understand.